Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Homebound because of winter storm...What would the Amish do?

I find myself too afraid to venture out, since this winter storm may be historic. My husband is stuck in Minnesota on a business trip. I wonder what my Amish friends would do because they're homebound too. What do Amish people do to pass the time?

They may be catching up on family time, so maybe they're having a "telling". This is story time, and it can be true or not. It can start with one person and circulate into a round. They may be reading from the Martyr's Mirror, a mammoth book on the persecution of their ancestors. Or, they just might be reading a classic book, written by Jane Austen or Charles Dickens, it depends on if their church district's strictness. My Amish friends are avid readers, and as long as it's clean and good, they read it.

Maybe they're catching up on sewing. How many times have I visited and they're sewing clothes? Maybe working on a quilt to sell at the auction. Maybe making Amish dolls, rag rugs, baskets, or other things to sell in local stores.
They may be playing a games. One favorite is Dutch Blitz, a fast playing card game. Checkers and chess are also popular.
Maybe they're writing. The Amish have a weekly paper called the Die Botschaft. When they showed it to me, I said we had something similar, only on the internet....facebook. The Die Botschaft is like reading a Facebook entry, only most people you don't know, and obviously no pictures of faces. They read it faithfully to see what's happening in new settlements, who may need cheering up with a card, some may tell a need and they may write a check to help in case of an emergency.
One thing I know is that they'd all be in the same main room doing whatever it is they're doing. They only open up the upstairs rooms when it's time for bed. The family believes in being together. You won't find one kid reading a book in his room, another playing with her doll in hers, the mom knitting in another and the father buried in the paper in another. No, they're all together, so no matter what they’re doing, they’re enriching their family, which is most precious to them.
If you live in the USA, all but sunny Florida is in a deep chill of historic proportions. Why not make the most of your time and build family relationships...
Karen Anna Vogel