Friday, March 1, 2013

Amish Winter Pictures shot in Smicksburg, PA

I'm not a professional photographer, but snow seems to make everything so angular, clean, and well, easy to fake that I'm a pro ;) Tim and I took our cameras up to Smicksburg after half a foot of snow fell. How crisp the air and everything around us was, and we want to share these favorite pictures with you. Smicksburg is approximately 60 miles NE of Pittsburgh, and so charming with many little shops, it the perfect destination for a vacation. For more info, contact
A buggy port

Setting for Smicksburg Baptist Church in all my books.

Red barn set against white snow.

My favorite one-room schoolhouse.

Roman's Rocker Shop.

"Granny Weaver's" porch where the Amish Knitting Circle started. I visited Granny and she was canning pork. Her son, Roman, was slaughtering pigs in the barn. I did not visit Roman that day
 ;( I love pigs.

Many Amish have small greenhouses. This one can collapse if snow isn't removed so it's being shoveled off.

My favorite. An Amish snowplow.
Here's an Amish man I know who's making the path clear for the mailman. Rural routes are delivered by car and snow needs to be removed. The Amish write a lot of letters, and getting  mail's a real link to the outside world.

People walking everywhere. That's one thing you notice in Amish country. Taking a walk for pleasure of needing to get somewhere, they're always on their feet, even in frigid weather.
The Amish let us take a picture of these gorgeous horses. (They're hidden in the barn as no photos allowed of faces.) I've always loved cows, those big lugs pulling at my heart with their huge eyes. But an Amish friend thinks I should get a  horse at the local auction. you age, you're supposed to try new things....never know ;)  

Stacks of corn still  line fields. Corn is important all year as feed for livestock and the deer seem to appreciate the stalks peeking up through the snow as well.

A buggy port

Another Weaver farm

One of the many Weaver brothers' farmhouses. This family, after having 8 boys, finally have a daughter and are pleased as can be.

Currier and Ives postcards all around us.

"Granny Weaver's" granddaughter on the road to Granny's. Martha is 15 and just loves nature.

My friend, Barb, and her nine children run these 2 large greenhouse.