Monday, December 14, 2015

A Simple Christmas, the Amish Way

Well, I haven’t blog here in quite a while. Life has thrown is a few curve balls. Our son-in-law was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. Please pray for him. Only twenty-five years old.

Our nephew’s wife became sick in Alaska and they’re living with us with their five little angels, all under ten years old.

I wanted to share with you that I wrote a short eBook that can be bought worldwide. So many from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and other wonderful countries reading this blog. You can go to Amazon International to see if my book is sold in your area.   It’s my journey towards a peace filled Christmas Amish style. But as learning simplicity seems to be challenge daily, I’ve tweaked our Christmas all the more after reading the blog Embracing a Simpler Life.

Here’s that’s different. I’ve had the tradition of make an Italian cookie. This tradition has been passed down for ages. Centuries. I felt that if I didn’t make pizzelle, it was just not Christmas.

But I love the history of our country, the Colonial American Period. So, I’ve given myself permission to make gingerbread and sugar cookies and not pizzelle. My iron broke and I can't find one of good quality. 

I also have a love for all things British, especially Jane Austen and Charles Dickens,  I plan to make mincemeat pies and maybe a figgy pudding. (If you have a recipe for figgy pudding, a Colonial Christmas favorite, can you put the recipe or link in comments? Thanks!)

It’s so freeing to say that two little word. N-O.

When the new year starts, I’ll be blogging more here. Until then, Merry Christmas!