Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Journey Toward a Peace Filled "Amish" Christmas

Hi friends,

My last post, Do the Amish Celebrate Christmas?, where I keep hearing from my Amish friend, Lydia, that they "just spend time together and have fun", will be helpful to read before you read this post.

I believe God is a hands-on teacher. Right after I wrote the last post, I went to my doctors for a lingering cold. He ends up putting me in the hospital for possible pneumonia for three days. My first reaction was...I'm not going....it's only two weeks until Christmas...my perfect Christmas! Sorry, too much to do, and my husband and I are going to the Nutcracker ballet tomorrow. No!

Well, my husband took me to the hospital, saying to rest! I loaded my tote with my Thomas Kinkade Christmas cards and some knitting (not done making scarves for presents). Then I thought of what I just posted here...about what I learned from Lydia about Christmas, and to spend time together having fun.

So, I rested for three days, never wrote out one card, knit maybe 10 rows, and that's it. I came home to a house that doesn't have one decoration up, and it's only eleven days until Christmas. I can't run around decorating the house because I'm too tired on all the meds my doc put me on. But, I somehow feel like I'm being set free from perfectionism and it feels wonderful.

But I have to make pizzelles, an Italian cookie passed down through the generations. My sisters and daughters are talking about a "cookie frolic". How Amish is that? Combining work with fellowship?

As for not going to the Nutcracker...my romantic Christmas time with hubby...still working on that one. I collect nutcrackers and always say, "Christmas is the Nutcracker". Well, maybe some sacred cows have to be tipped over. Christmas is Jesus...all about Him coming to bring "Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward men".  With a shift of perspective, I'm starting to feel more peace.

Please feel free to leave comment about how you're simplifying your Christmas. We can all learn from each other!

Above is a picture taken in Riccia, Italy, where my grandparents grew up and many of my cousins still live. Outdoor live nativity sets are common. Somehow it gives me peace and makes remember the reason we celebrate Christmas.

Blessings to you!  


  1. I'm so sorry about your hospital stay ~ I pray that took care of your health issues and you can recuperate fully at home. We had a small Christmas gift exchange with my mom while she was visiting ~ mostly homemade goodies were given to her. My husband and I have commented many times how we like our "simplified" celebrations. 3 of our sons have birthdays next week, so we will be hosting some family dinners. Keeping our focus on Christ is very important but honestly sometimes little thoughts creep into my mind about how it used to be, but we are content and please with our decision.

  2. Greg and Donna,
    Thank you for your concern and leaving a comment. I have a wonderful doc who got to the bottom of my problem. Deformed sinus and will need outpatient surgery. But I'm learning so much! My daughter called today and gasped when I said my decorations weren't up. I really laughed! I do have 10 more days, and then we're spreading the season into Old Christmas on Jan. 6th. You have 3 birthday right before Christmas? Wow!