Friday, July 26, 2013

Do Amish homes have pictures on the walls? How do they decorate?

Amish homes vary quite a bit. I was shocked when I visited a friend in Lancaster and saw how "fancy" their houses were, allowing pictures and plaques on their walls. I almost fainted when I saw lace curtains! When I lived in Western New York, only a calendar was visible on the walls, period. Having so many levels of Old Order Amish, I find the folks in Smicksburg to be be, ah, just right for my liking.

My friend, Lydia, is "Katie Byler" in my book, Knit Together, and has a lovely home. She has two greenhouses, so many plants are kept in her house, having a green thumb. Here's a little photo journey into her Amish house. She let me take pictures of her downstairs minus the kitchen. She said it was a mess, but it wasn't ;)

I'm decluttering my house right now, and these pictures inspire me. How about you? Please leave a comment and I'll let Lydia know what you said. Even thought she's Amish, she has a woman's heart and loves to hear that she has a beautiful nest <3

Notice the plants. Windows abound so nothing on the walls. 
Another angle of her sewing, multipurpose room. 

Lydia married a widower, and his family record with names of his children are on the picture.
Blue glassware displayed out in the open would never happen in Western New York, being too fancy.

A desk between two windows. German books on the top, English on the bottom. 

My friend, Mary Anne Roberts, talking to Lydia. Her big Vera Bradley purse seems out of place! This is not Lydia's big's to the right, out of sight ;)  

I know there's many more birthdays to mark, since Lydia has over 60 nieces and nephews. ;)
Another hand-painted plate on the top. 

A desk decked with a "fancy" table cloth. I see she's reading my book, Amish Knitting Circle. ;)
Lydia reads my books for accuracy. 

A large calendar and birthday cards strung across two window, always white curtains. The Amish of Smicksburg have white curtains, the Amish of W. NY dark blue.

Lydia's bother built her house, a master carpenter. I love that corner cabinet. Walls all white, white, white! 

This is Lydia's "clutter" cabinet. Nice blue transfer-ware plates inside.
On the top, hand-painted plates given to her as gifts.  

I showed this picture on Facebook and asked readers what they saw out of place. The broom! 

Another shot of  Lydia's multipurpose room.
The wooden drying racks to the right open up and she hangs her laundry on them. Clever.  


  1. Wow, thank you for sharing. I like the simplicity and yet there is the feminine touches..

  2. Love all the pics...thanks for sharing...and I thought Vera purses go anywhere lol

  3. Thank you for sharing! I like the cleaner, neater, less cluttered look AND it feels so homey! Blessings on both your houses :)

  4. I have a question about the curtains. I live in NY, near Cooperstown, and my neighbors are Amish. They have white curtains, not blue as you stated in your picture, as do most of the Amish homes in my surrounding area. Does this designate them as belonging to a certain sect?

  5. I'm from western NY. They have white curtains in summer, dark curtains in winter.

  6. What a beautiful, welcoming home your friend has! Thanks for letting us see it!

  7. I too am from western NY (northern Chautauqua County) and have seen amish houses there with white curtains.

  8. This is really something. The Amish in NY I'm referring to live near Cherry Creek. They are Troyer Amish. Maybe so many Amish are moving to New York that I need to specify exactly where. Thanks for all the comments ;)

  9. This is really something. The Amish in NY I'm referring to live near Cherry Creek. They are Troyer Amish. Maybe so many Amish are moving to New York that I need to specify exactly where. Thanks for all the comments ;)

  10. I noticed no lamps anywhere. Are they stored somewhere until darkness? They are not even on the few tables shown in the pictures! I love the simplicity. It just seems right to decorate and live the way the Amish do. And of course, all furniture is handmade? Please keep posting pictures. I love their culture. We have Amish here in PA. Very loving, peaceful people and we love them!

    1. Hi Linda,
      Good question. Lydia has lamps the you pull down from the ceilings and are lit. I believe they're propane powered, but not sure. Will ask her. ;)

  11. Lydia's home is simple and warm. It appears to be a place filled with peace and the God's love and light. It inspires me to make some changes in my own home environment. Thank you Lydia, for allowing us this glimpse into your life. It was a blessing for me to start my day with this peek into your home.

  12. Love Lydia's home. Not a lot of clutter and things to dust every week. Love the simplicity of it.

  13. Lydia's home reminds me of my late husbands parents' home. The similarities include the dishtowels on the desks and small tables, little rugs properly placed, glass and plates in cabinets, very, very clean, clean, clean. The family was from Amish country in PA, from Sarverville and Somerset. Lydia's home looks peaceful and spirit filled. Thank you Lydia for your inspiration.

    1. Darlene GF ;)Why towels on the desk and tables?

  14. This is a lovely home and the decorations are beautiful and simple. I like the blue and white theme.