Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Do the Amish celebrate Independence Day?

We had fun last night at my author page on Facebook. I showed them the above picture and asked them what was wrong with this house. Something not quite Amish is in it. Well, they have good eyes because I didn’t even see the surveillance camera! Do you see it mounted under the overhang of the roof?

To many, the America flag was obvious to them that this house isn’t Amish. The Amish do appreciate the freedoms we enjoy in this country and obey the laws of the land. They pay their property and school tax, even though their children don’t go to public school. They rarely complain about this.

They also participate in local necessities, like the local fire department, and are the best neighbors, taking the “love thy neighbor” commandment literally.

But there is no commandment to love thy country, but the Bible says to consider yourselves like pilgrims passing through and not to get so attached to earthly things. They also cannot get over the fact that we “pledge allegiance to the flag”. Their allegiance is to God alone. They are also pacifist, exempt from going to war.

There are some things I don’t agree with the Amish about, and this is one. Patriotism means loyalty and devotion. But you don’t want a sermon from me about how we need to be loyal and devoted to the US Constitution our Founding Fathers laid their lives on the line for. I don’t think there can be enough red, white and blue shown on July 4th to celebrate America, the land of the free and brave. (Okay, a mini-sermon)


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