Thursday, July 14, 2011

Amish as Busy as Bees in the Summer

     I'm taking knitting classes in the small town of Smicksburg, PA where many of my Amish friends live. My teacher owns the shop, SuzyBKnits, and we lazily put up our feet as she teaches me to knit and purl. What a different summer I'm having than my Amish friends.
     The men are out making hay when the sun shines. I love watching them pull their primitive hay rakes by one tired horse. They stop to take off their straw hats and wipe their brow. Then you see teams of men stacking the hay in tee pee formation for it to dry. It's 90 degrees out. They are working hard.
     Then I see women in huge gardens, bent over weeding or carrying bushels to their homes to "put up" the harvest.  This means hot water is boiling, ready to seal all the hot jars of fruits and vegetables. I think of my own garden. My husband and I do it together as a hobby, not a necessity. We have a rototiller that's self-propelled. It clears out all the weeds in between rows. No hoeing required. Then I think of my Food Saver and freezer. I don't have to can everything, only spaghetti sauce. Everything else gets put in the freezer.
     As I sit and knit, I don't know if I'm blessed or lazy. The Amish always make me reevaluate my life.


  1. Karen,
    I could practically feel my pulse slow down as I read your description of Amish life. It sounds like you're enjoying your summer. I've posted some thoughts about summer at

  2. Thanks for sharing, Karen. Learning to knit requires a slower pace and patience. Good for you! Enjoy your summer.

  3. Wow, it is strange to think of the Amish as the ones leading the frantic, fast-paced life. It sounds like you are using your modern conveniences the way they were intended - to save time. So you can relax and learn a classic (and useful) craft.

  4. Karen, Thanks for sharing with us at MidAtlantic! I signed on as a Follower! Great post!