Saturday, December 1, 2012

Author Jerry Eicher, raised Amish, shares one of his favorite Christmas memories

I asked author Jerry Eicher to share one of his favorite Christmas memories, since he was raised Amish. It's so sweet that he chose a story while courting his wife, Tina. It tells me he's a man still in love...<3 Here it is for an inside look into an Amish Christmas.
                                                                    Dating Christmas
A blizzard moved in the day before Christmas that first year I was dating Tina. Our family slept in late and Mom served eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Not much was going on, and no visitors were arriving with the snowstorm outside. Dad came in from the barn and advised hunkering down until the driving snow subsided. We had no weather forecast, but we could make a guess--this storm appeared in no hurry to leave.
By the afternoon I had enough of things. I bundled up, made a dash for the barn and harnessed my horse Frosty. I would be visiting Tina’s house, storm or no storm. The wind bit my face as I hitched Frosty to the buggy. Frosty didn’t appear too fazed by things, so we set out. The snow was moving sideways across the road in the wild gusts, and the buggy tipped enough that I sat in the middle of the seat for balance.
I made the three mile drive, without passing any English vehicles on the road. I was apparently the only one insane enough to venture out. Snow drifts came high across the road in places, but we simply plunged through.
Tina was astonished to see me arrive, and I was showered with praise from her whole family for my daring. They seemed much better equipped to enjoy the day then we had been at home. I was invited to settle in. Homemade candy was everywhere in abundance, buckeyes, chocolates, rice candy, and Hershey bars. Bowls of popcorn sat on the kitchen table with hot chocolate to wash in down with.
I stayed as long as I dared. I wasn’t quite brave enough to travel the roads in the dark. Dust was falling when I arrived back home with no regrets, and put Frosty back up in the barn. My family thought I was crazy, or in love, which can past for the same thing I suppose. At least I hadn’t spent a boring afternoon at home.
For more stories by Jerry, visit his author page where he has short stories, poems, theology, and lots more. You can also see all the books he has to offer. Visit him at

The one on my TBR (to be read) list is Susanna's Christmas Wish. On my TBU list (to be used) list is the book he wrote with his wife, Tina, The Amish Family Cookbook.  Jerry's books can be bought online anywhere, or at Barnes and Nobles.


  1. Terrific memory!! :) I am starting Susanna's Christmas Wish today!!

  2. ahhhh, how sweet! my daddy used to do that too; he rode his horse in a snowstorm to see my mom when they were dating! My own first hubby drove through ice with chains on the tires to come see me while we were dating. Our families thought we were crazy too! lol