Monday, December 3, 2012

Author Tricia Goyer shares an almost free Christmas gift idea, that will make lasting memories

I heard best-selling author, Tricia Goyer, on Amish Wisdom with Suzanne Woods Fisher, and am excited about her new blog and book, Memory Jar.  Tricia has a passion to not be Amish, but to incorporate what can be learned by these simple people into her own life It's the Christmas season here again at Amish Crossings, and I know my readers want advice on how to make it plain and simple.

Tricia, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'd love to! I'm a wife, mom of four, author, speaker, mentor to teenage mothers, and a radio host—but even more than that I'm an example of God's love and grace. I was a teen mom, and I had my first son at age seventeen. During my pregnancy I committed my life to God, and He's done amazing things. He brought me a wonderful husband and we had two more children together. Then we adopted a baby girl two years ago. I have 33 books in print, including four Amish novels. In addition to The Memory Jar, I've also written the Big Sky Amish Series: Beside Still Waters, Along Wooded Paths, and Beyond Hope's Valley.

I can’t wait to start reading your new blog.  Tell us how it came about, who’s involved, and what we can learn. 

 I started writing about the Amish three years ago. I was intrigued by them, but I never expected how much I'd be changed. Their beliefs and lifestyle have challenged me. I've worked to connect with friends more. I've build relationships in my local community. I look at life differently. Overall, I've embraced some of the Amish beliefs without becoming Amish. That's when I came up with the website: It's a lifestyle blog for those who want to become Amish … but not quite give up electricity, photographs and our cars! It shares ideas for simple living, recipes, family togetherness, and more!

Tricia, I thought the gift you gave to your friend, the memory jar, was one of the sweetest and most cost effective Christmas gift yet. Tell us about this gift and how it became the inspiration for your new book, The Memory Jar.

Years ago I was thinking about what I could give a friend. She didn't really “need” anything, yet she was very special to me. I got a jar and I wrote out 30 things that I appreciated about her. I picked 30 things so she could pick one for each day. Well, that jar sat on her window sill for a few years. It's amazing how much our appreciation can touch another's heart.

 How will you make this Christmas plain and simple, yet full of memories and fun?

 My friend Suzanne Woods Fisher mentioned simplifying gift giving by picking only four things for each of her children:

 Something you want.

Something you need.

Something to wear.

Something to read.

 My husband and I have decided to do this, and my Christmas shopping is 99% done! We used to go way overboard with gifts, but not this year. Not only are we spending less money, but we're really thoughtful about what four gifts we choose. I'm excited that we'll have less time opening gifts and more time together!

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  1. Wow, I loved reading this.
    Thank you for sharing the tip
    on the gifts will have to try that next year.
    We definately need to simplify.
    Loved the Memory Jar. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

    God Bless,
    Cheryl Baranski

  2. Great post.Thanks for sharing.I love the gift ideas.